P i n   t h e   H o o t   o n   t h e   N e u t !

The Best Baby Shower Game Ever Invented!

The Birth of Pin the Hoot on the Neut!

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Hoot Industries was born in 1986. It was created to add fun to the baby shower and get the guests out of their chairs. The woman who invented it, Lightning (Claudia) Rasmussen, realized that baby showers had been overlooked on the market place by the men.

The original drawing of the Pin the Hoot on the Neut! poster was of a baby with a mouth like the one from the character Mister Bill on Saturday Night Live . The baby on the poster is the "Neut" (neuter) because the sex of the child may not be known. The hoot tags represent the gender symbols.. male and female.

Lightning showed the game to a friend who owned Ashley-Wayne Advertising Agency in San Diego, CA. He decided to help. The poster was professionally designed by the agency's in-house artist.

Pin the Hoot on the Neut! records the shower guests, the shower host, the motherís name, date of the shower, the game winnerís name and their prediction.

After the shower, the poster can be hung in the babyís room or folded for the baby book.

We at Hoot Industries hope you and your family enjoy this treasure!

Have fun playing Pin the Hoot on the Neut!

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