P i n   t h e   H o o t   o n   t h e   N e u t !

The Best Baby Shower Game Ever Invented!

$7.00 per game (this includes shipping & handling) 

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How To Play

PIN THE HOOT ON THE NEUT!™ baby shower game comes with a poster and 20 hoot tags, 10 pink female symbols & 10 blue male symbols. Each player chooses a male or female symbol, depending on if you think the newborn will be a girl or a boy. If you already know the sex of the baby, you can order all pink female hoot symbols or all blue male hoot symbols.

The guests write their name, the date they think the baby will be born and what they think the baby will go up to be. One by one, they are blindfolded, spun 3 times and pointed toward the "Neut" poster. The person who places their hoot symbol closest to the designated spot wins.

Fold and Save for the Baby Book!

The "Neut" poster has a place to list the mother, the hostess/host who gave the shower, the date of the shower and the game winner's predictions. The newborn's name and birthdate are added to the poster after the baby is born. The "Neut" poster is folded and placed in the baby book as a keepsake of your baby shower.

Hang in the Baby's Nursery

Frame the "Neut" poster for the nursery! All the names of your friends and relatives will be on the poster.

Be Creative!

PIN THE HOOT ON THE NEUT!™ is fun for all ages! Use crayons to change the color of the baby's hair, eyes and skin.

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